Exclusive! TV is home, will return if I get a good opportunity: Pooja Gor

Pooja Gor is currently experiencing an exciting phase in her career, seizing the right opportunities that come her way. Best known for winning the hearts of audiences with her portrayal of Pratigya in the television series "Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya" and its second season, Pooja has ventured into the digital space. 

In a recent conversation with us, the actress shared insights into her latest role in the OTT show "Guns & Gulaabs," her collaboration with Dulquer Salmaan, and her plans to make a return to television. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

On the Distinctiveness of TV and OTT: Pooja acknowledges the differences between television and OTT platforms. In her view, television allows makers to adapt storylines dynamically to cater to the audience's preferences as ratings are revealed weekly. On the other hand, OTT platforms release entire series at once, making success or failure a fixed outcome. 

However, Pooja believes that both mediums can coexist because they cater to different target audiences. India's vast and diverse viewership appreciates quality content, and as long as creators can meet the demands of the audience, the platform becomes secondary. The primary contrast lies in the regulatory flexibility of OTT, which allows for mature and impactful themes.

On Collaborating with Dulquer Salmaan (DQ): Pooja speaks highly of her co-star, Dulquer Salmaan, describing him as a genuine, humble, and hardworking individual who excels in his craft. Working alongside such a talented actor made her experience on the project even more enjoyable.
Exclusive! TV is home, will return if I get a good opportunity: Pooja Gor

On Working with Director Duo Raj & DK: Pooja commends Raj and DK's unique storytelling style, well-etched characters, and unwavering belief in their scripts. She appreciates their approach of granting actors the freedom to improvise and contribute their ideas. Additionally, their commitment to fostering a familial atmosphere on set played a significant role in Pooja's decision to accept the project.

On Preparing for the Role of Madhu: For her role as Madhu, Pooja conducted her research after gaining insights into the character from director Raj. She also credits the project's technical team, including costume stylist Neha R Bajaj, art director Parichit Paralkar, and screenplay writer Suman Kumar, for their exceptional work in recreating the 1990s era, which greatly aided the actors in immersing themselves in their characters.

On Returning to TV: Pooja expresses her deep gratitude to television, considering it her home and a significant contributor to her success. She remains open to future opportunities in both fictional and non-fictional television shows that align with her interests. Currently, she is engaged in shooting for Anubhav Sinha's OTT series "Flight Into Fear," where she is paired with Vijay Varma.

On Venturing into Gujarati Films: Having grown up in Ahmedabad and maintaining Gujarati as her primary language of communication with family and close friends, Pooja is keen to explore the world of Gujarati cinema. She is excited about the potential for regional films to make an impact nationally and has been in discussions regarding several Gujarati film projects. Pooja eagerly anticipates the right opportunity in this domain.

Pooja Gor's versatile career continues to evolve, spanning television, digital platforms, and the potential realm of Gujarati cinema, all while maintaining her commitment to delivering quality performances.
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