Ixigo Smart Shoes, Price, And Amazing Features You Can Charge your Phone

Ixigo Smart Shoes

On March 31, 2022, Ixigo tweeted about the launch of their new ixigo Smart Shoes, named ShoesX. These shoes were said to have a front camera and a feature to charge your smartphone, among other amazing features. 

Ixigo Smart Shoes

However, we want to let you know that these Smart Shoes are not actually available for sale. This was simply an April Fool's prank by Ixigo. Let's find out more about it.

Ixigo Smart Shoes

In today's times, we are surrounded by 'smart' devices connected to the internet and technology, making our lives incredibly easy. You may have heard of smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart ACs, but today we are going to tell you about Smart Shoes. 

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These ixigo Smart Shoes come with many amazing features such as a location tracker, front and rear camera, and charging port. Let's learn everything about these unique shoes.

Alok Bajpai, the Group CEO and founder of the famous online travel portal Ixigo, recently revealed an unusual product through Twitter. Ixigo has launched new shoes that are not ordinary shoes but 'Smart Shoes'. Through a video teaser, information about all the features of these ShoesX shoes has been revealed. It should be noted that such 'Smart Shoes ixigo' has yet to be made before.

We must tell you that this is an April Fool's prank. These shoes are not being sold. You are being given a Google form to fill out, and in return, Ixigo will definitely give you a money voucher, if not the shoes. Let's see which features were discussed in these shoes.

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Features Of Ixigo Smart Shoes

ShoesX is a new type of shoe designed by Ixigo that come with a range of unique features. These shoes have a waterproof USB charging port at the bottom, which can be used to charge your smartphone. Additionally, they have a 12MP front camera that can be used to take selfies. The camera is wide-angle, allowing you to take selfies with your shoes on.

Have the Ability To Caught Thief

The ShoesX also comes equipped with an ultra-wide back camera that can be used to keep an eye on who is behind you. This can help you stay vigilant and prevent any thefts.

ixigo smart shoes price in india

Furthermore, the shoes have anti-theft sensors that can detect if someone is tampering with them. If someone tries to steal your shoes, you will receive a notification on your phone, letting you know about the incident.

Have the Ability To Pay Bill

The ixigo shoes have an auto-warming sol that can keep your feet warm even in temperatures as low as -20 degrees. They also come with a QR code scanner that can be used to scan QR codes and complete payments. 

ixigo shoes

The shoes have a native tracking app that can be used to track your steps, calories, and more.

It's important to note that ShoesX can only be purchased by Ixigo users and are only available until stocks last. 

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